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No parent wants to find out his or her child has suffered a serious injury. Unfortunately, schools, playgrounds, daycare centers, and children’s toys aren’t always as safe as parents think. The places and things your children interact with every day could be the cause of serious injury. If your child was involved in an accident, contact a Raleigh personal injury lawyer at Riddle & Brantley. We’ll represent your family with personal attention, high-quality professional services, and a genuine passion for justice.

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A lawsuit might be the last thing on your mind as the parent of an injured child. We completely understand that your child’s health, safety, and wellbeing will be at the top of your priority list. Once your child is on the mend, however, consider filing a personal injury claim.

A claim could culminate in justice, closure, and compensation to stabilize your child’s financial future. It could result in recovery for your child’s medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost quality of life, as well as your damages as a parent, such as lost wages while caring for your child.

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Who is Liable for My Child's Injuries?

Most children will experience bumps, scrapes, and bruises during the natural course of childhood. A child should not, however, suffer serious injuries such as broken bones, sprains, head or brain injuries, or spinal cord injuries because of someone else’s negligence. When the worst happens, learn your rights as a parent. You may be able to file a claim against one or more of the following parties in pursuit of compensation:

  • A school or daycare facility: Daycare accidents, school bus accidents, child sexual assault, playground injuries, and cafeteria food poisoning are all examples of situations that could result in facility liability. A privately-owned school or daycare center will be responsible for child injuries if it should have prevented them yet failed to do so. The company will also be liable for the actions and misconduct of on-duty employees.
  • The government: The City of Raleigh could be liable for your child’s injuries if an accident occurred at a public school, while riding a public-school bus, or while on government-owned property (such as a field trip to the State Capitol). It is possible to file a claim against a government entity or employee in the state of North Carolina; however, your deadline for filing could be shorter.
  • A product manufacturer: If your child suffered injuries because of a defective, dangerous, or poorly marketed child’s toy or other product, you might have a claim against the manufacturer or distributor of the item. Common defective child-related products include playground equipment, toys, and over-the-counter and prescription medications.
  • An individual: An individual (or that person’s insurance company) could owe you compensation if he or she failed to prevent your child’s injuries. Possible defendants include a babysitter, property owner, swimming pool owner, social host, driver, physician, sports coach, or someone else in a position of power and responsibility in your child’s life.

Identifying the party responsible for your child’s accident and injuries is one of the first steps toward justice. At Riddle & Brantley, our Raleigh child injury attorneys don’t let schools, companies, or individuals get away with negligence or recklessness without making an effort to get justice. We make it our mission to shed light on hazards defendants should have prevented, in the hopes of saving future children from similar injuries. A consultation with one of our child injury lawyers in North Carolina can help you understand who might be accountable for your child’s accident.

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