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Bicycle accidents in Raleigh almost always come down to driver negligence. Distracted driving may have reached an all-time high in North Carolina and throughout the country due to cell phone use behind the wheel. If a distracted, negligent, or reckless driver caused your bike accident, you have the right to file a claim against him or her in pursuit of full financial recovery. Our Raleigh bicycle accident lawyers at Riddle & Brantley can assist you and we charge no fees to you unless we win.

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Riddle & Brantley isn’t just another law firm. Our Raleigh personal injury lawyers grew up in North Carolina and continue to make a considerable difference in the community. We strive to improve the overall quality of life for people in Raleigh, joining programs such as Adopt-A-Highway and the Newbern House. We value the people who live in Raleigh and see our legal practice as just another honest way to help. People come to us for many reasons, such as:

  • Over 160 years of combined legal experience
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We truly care about the lives of each client that comes to us for help. We do our very best to walk clients through the legal process, understand their goals for the case, and achieve the best possible results. If you suffered an injury or lost a loved one in a Raleigh bicycle accident, use our free consultation offer to learn more about your case. You could be eligible for significant recovery.

Common Causes of Raleigh Bicycle Crashes

Wake County recorded 69 bicycle crashes in 2020 – resulting in 70 injury incidents and three fatalities. Understanding the most common causes for bicycle accidents could help you avoid them in the future. In our decades of legal experience, we’ve come to find that the following are frequent reasons behind bicycle collisions:

  • Driver negligence. Drivers who don’t watch the road, drive drunk or drowsy, text and drive, speed, run red lights, or ignore the right-of-way put bicyclists at risk. It is possible to file a personal injury claim against an at-fault driver in North Carolina. A PI claim could result in better compensation than an insurance claim alone.
  • Dangerous roadways. Sometimes a bicyclist gets into an accident or suffers injuries because of a roadway defect. It is the City of Raleigh’s job to properly maintain roads. If a pothole, loose gravel, debris in the road, fallen tree, narrow bike lane, or covered roadway sign caused your accident, you may be able to file against the city government or state.
  • Defective auto parts. On some occasions, bicycle accidents arise from a motorist being unable to hit the brakes fast enough, or due to malfunctioning headlights, bicycle parts, or other components. It is possible that the part manufacturer is at least partially liable for these accidents for defective parts.

9 Steps to Take If You Were Hit By a Car

In the event of a car vs. bicycle accident, there are several steps you will want to take to ensure that you document all your injuries. Even though some of these steps may seem unnecessary, you will want to take every step to make sure you are in a position to receive adequate compensation for your injuries.

  1. Move out of the street: Moving to the sidewalk, a driveway, or the median will ensure that you remain safe from other drivers and provide authorities with easier access to you.
  2. Remain calm: The time after an accident is stressful, especially if your injuries are someone else’s fault. Resist the urge to become confrontational with the driver, which can make you appear untrustworthy to law enforcement. Instead, take several deep breaths and speak rationally.
  3. Contact the police: You must file an accident report at the scene – do not wait until it is too late to contact the authorities.
  4. Keep the driver at the scene: Even if you believe you are uninjured, injuries can remain hidden. If you send the driver on his or her way, unaware of injuries, you may lose your chance to get contact or insurance information. If the driver attempts to leave or has already attempted a hit-and-run, record the license plate, make, model, and color of the vehicle, or ask witnesses for any information they may have.
  5. Document the accident: While you wait for the police to arrive, obtain the driver’s insurance information, driver’s license number, plate number, make, model and color of the vehicle. In addition, take photos of the scene, the road including street signs and traffic signals, the vehicle, your bicycle, your injuries, and anything else you feel may be useful.
  6. Ensure the police hear your statement: Even if you are still suffering the effects of the accident, make sure the police record your side of the accident.
  7. Seek medical attention right away: Even if you are unsure you need treatment, it is best to discover any hidden injuries immediately. If you are suffering emotional distress as a result of the accident, seek professional help for the same reasons. Save the documentation of your injuries and expenses.
  8. Begin your insurance claim: Contact the driver’s insurance company and file a claim. State only the basics, and do not offer background information in case you say something that hurts your case. Do not offer more details unless you have consulted an attorney.
  9. Contact a Raleigh bicycle accident attorney: A bike accident attorney can help you present your documentation to the insurance companies in a way that ensures you receive fair compensation. Attorneys know the ins and outs of dealing with the insurance companies and can help you get the most out of your claim.

In addition to serving victims in Raleigh, our bicycle accident lawyers also handle cases throughout North Carolina, with convenient office locations across the state.*

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Damages You Can Collect in a Bicycle Accident Lawsuit

If the driver is at fault, you are likely entitled to compensation for your medical expenses. In addition, you may receive compensation for any pain and suffering you experienced as a result of the incident. If you missed work as a result of the accident, the driver’s insurance company may cover financial losses due to missed work. If you experienced emotional trauma such as PTSD, anxiety or depression, you may also receive damages to compensate for these losses. If a jury determines that the driver was acting in gross negligence, the courts may assess punitive damages as well.

It is important that you obtain the other driver’s information to receive compensation. If you are the victim of a hit-and-run, you may need to file a claim with your own health insurance company first while you wait for the authorities to locate the driver.

If you want to learn more about bicycle safety in North Carolina visit the North Carolina Department of Transportation website.

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