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Wrong-Way Crash in Charlotte Kills Two

January 22, 2018   |  
The North Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating a fatal wrong-way crash that occurred on Interstate 485 over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. Highway Patrol troopers said the wrong-way driver hit two other vehicles before slamming head-on into a Honda sedan. The wrong-way driver and the driver of the...
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Opioid Crisis: Is America in Trouble?

January 17, 2018   |  
IMPORTANT: Please note that due to filing deadlines and other criteria, we are no longer accepting any opioid claims. Are we facing a national medical crisis in our country and North Carolina at the hands of painkiller drugs?  Many experts and government officials think we are in the middle of...
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Six Heating Safety Tips to Prevent House Fires During Cold Weather

January 15, 2018   |  
The US has seen some of the coldest weather in recent memory during the last few weeks. Two weeks ago, North Carolina and other parts of the US experienced temperatures that were well below freezing. You probably relied on portable or installed heating devices to escape the cold weather. House...
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Could Your Residence Be Exposed to Carbon Monoxide This Winter?

January 8, 2018   |  
As you are all aware, temperatures across North Carolina have plummeted to below freezing in recent weeks. You most likely have heated your residence to escape the freezing cold weather. However, you should be aware that cases of carbon monoxide poisoning increase during the winter months. Carbon monoxide is an...
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Could GM’s Marketplace App Increase the Risk of a Car Accident?

The National Safety Council (NSC) recently chastised General Motors over its new vehicle infotainment app. These apps are high-tech dashboard features on cars that display GPS, allow you to select music, or assist with parking. Some features are touchscreen while others are voice-activated. GM’s Marketplace app allows you to use...
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Why Do We Need the ELD Rule for Commercial Trucks?

December 29, 2017   |  
Commercial trucks are some of the largest vehicles on the road. When these massive vehicles are fully loaded, they can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Department of Transportation regulations are designed to prevent these vehicles from posing a risk to the public. The impact force is devastating when a vehicle...
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Recalls Initiated Over Flammable Children’s Pajamas and Sleep Products

December 28, 2017   |  
The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently coordinated multiple recalls for children’s pajama products that fail to meet federal flammability safety standards. In 1972, when the CPSC was created, it took over the responsibility of issuing flammability standards for clothing products from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Children’s sleepwear...
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Pedestrian Accident in Craven County Injures One, Kills Another

December 18, 2017   |  
Troopers with the North Carolina Highway Patrol have released new details on the recent pedestrian accident in Craven County. The crash occurred on December 6 when three men were walking westbound on Mile Road, west of US 17 near Vanceboro. According to troopers, a pick-up truck operated by a 28-year-old...
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Are Holiday Party Hosts Liable for Drunk Driving Accidents?

December 15, 2017   |  
Are you planning to throw a holiday party for your employees, family members or friends? If you are going to be serving alcohol at this party, then you should be aware that you could be held liable if one of your guests harms themselves or another person in a drunk...
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Six Types of Toys to Avoid This Holiday Season

December 13, 2017   |  
Defective toys are a safety issue that consumers are forced to grapple with each year during the holiday season. Many of you may still remember the exploding hoverboards from 2015. This year will be no different. However, certain toys create specific hazards. The Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group (MASSPIRG) claims...
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