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2015 4th July Travel Results in Increase in Injuries from 2014

Dan Brian   |  July 6, 2015   |  

Predictably, holidays mean travel, and traffic, across North Carolina.  And more people on the roads usually leads to more motor vehicle accidents.  Many of these collisions unfortunately involve alcohol.  According to this WRAL article, there were 10 fatalities across the state over the 2015 4th of July Holiday.  This compares to 6 deaths and 257 reports of collisions resulting in injuries during the same holiday weekend last year.  The actual numbers are probably much higher, since many collisions are never reported to police, and many injuries with modest injuries not requiring EMS involvement are not recorded as involving injuries on police accident reports.

As vehicles incorporate additional safety features, like warning sensors that alert drivers to lane changes, and rear view cameras, logic would suggest that collisions should become less common.  Unfortunately, technology can cause just as many collisions as it prevents, as drivers find themselves playing with their new radios, GPS device, or texting or posting to social media on their phones.  When driving, it is important to remember that even if you look down at your phone for a second, that moment can result in you rear ending another vehicle or running into an animal.