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Coconut Riddle

Who’s cuddly, adventurous, and thinks he’s the boss around here?

Coconut RiddleThe 12-year-old West Highland terrier turned TV star has certainly gotten used to his role as the mascot here at Riddle & Brantley and all the attention that goes along with it! Ever since his award-winning turn in a Riddle & Brantley commercial in 2011, Coconut’s known he’s a star. Now he has his own Facebook page and even more attitude!

If Coconut is not content, you’re sure to hear his signature bark remarking “Objection!” to everything your average dog-star would disapprove of: an empty bowl, a little heat, his personal space being invaded – but most of all, not getting enough attention! This pup has personality, style, and is cute enough to grow the Grinch’s heart.

Greeting our clients, staff and guests is one of Coconut’s favorite hobbies, along with playing games like hide the slipper, chase the ball and – attorney Gene Riddle’s favorite trick – fetch the paper. When he’s not in the office or doing tricks, you can find him frolicking around with Roscoe, his best canine companion, keeping his fans updated on Facebook, or stealing carrots from the family horse. In fact, there’s pretty much no food he doesn’t like, except lettuce.

Coconut and his pal Roscoe are also proud animal ambassadors, reminding their friends and fans every day that life wouldn’t be the same without their family. This is why they encourage people to adopt a pet, just like Gene did, and that’s why the Riddle family supports the local humane society.

Adopting a Pet

Coconut Riddle
There’s no better companion than an animal! If you saw Coconut’s debut in our 2011 public service announcement, you know the Riddle family’s position on how an adopted pet can enrich your life and the lives of your family members. Not only does a pet bring love and companionship into your home, there are proven health effects to owning a companion animal, such as lessened anxiety, lower rates of depression and lower blood pressure.

There are over 3,500 animal shelters in the U.S., and between 6 to 8 million cats and dogs go into shelters every year. Only half of them will go to loving homes.

You’d be surprised at the animals you can find in a shelter – approximately 25 percent of shelter dogs are purebred, according to the Humane Society – and many shelters have litters of kittens and puppies to choose from. However, there are many mature, loving pets that deserve the care of a new family just like yours.

Do yourself a favor. Visit a pet shelter. Adopt a cat or a dog. It will change that animal’s life, and it will change yours forever.

Support the Humane Society

Coconut Riddle

You don’t have to be a pet-owner to be an animal-lover. Even if you can’t adopt an animal, there are plenty of opportunities to support your local humane society through membership, donations or volunteering. Contact your local shelter or humane society to learn how you can help.

Humane Societies We Support

Wayne County Humane Society
P.O. Box 821, Goldsboro, NC
(919) 736-PETS
SPCA of Wake County
200 Petfinder Lane, Raleigh, NC
(919) 772-2326