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$2,475,000 Worker’s Compensation

$2.47M   |  Workers' Compensation   |  June 18, 2016

Settlement: $2,475,000

Attorneys: Gene Riddle and Christopher Brantley

We represented an undocumented immigrant who worked as a welder for a construction company. He has lived in North Carolina for many years and has children born here. In July 2011, our client fell from a platform and sustained a very severe and disabling head injury. His doctors told his wife and children shortly after his fall that he had suffered a basilar skull fracture and brain injury. Soon thereafter, we helped the family file petitions to have his family members serve as his Guardian. We went to court with the family to have the appointment for Guardian concluded. The insurance company accepted liability and we helped our client get weekly compensation payments and medical care. All of his medical bills were paid. We completed several mediations and many post-mediation negotiations by telephone which finally resulted in a significant settlement.

The process was long and arduous but necessary in order to resolve the claim for the value of our client and his family deserved. The settlement funds were placed in 2 trusts so that the funds for our client would be available to him for his lifetime in a way that would provide for all of his medical and other needs. This was one of the most time consuming cases we have ever handled. Several staff members and three attorneys worked very diligently on this case during the several years it took to resolve this case. Our client spoke Spanish and some English, as did his family members, but we have Spanish interpreters who were always available to make sure that we had effective and prompt communication with our client and his family.

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