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How Serious Do My Injuries Have to Be to Have a Personal Injury Case?

Dan Brian   |  May 12, 2016   |  

Injuries happen all of the time and to practically everyone, whether if we cut our hand cooking, or trip and fall, they happen. They come in all different shapes and sizes. Many injuries will happen because of our very own mistakes, making us at-fault for the injury. On occasion it’s not entirely our fault – when another party neglects taking care of an item they’re responsible for which ends up resulting in you being injured it starts bringing up questions about personal injury lawsuits. In such situations you might be asking yourself the grand question- do I have a personal injury case?

Were There Any Costs at all Associated With Your Injury?

The biggest question is about costs associated with the injury. Ask yourself these questions:

Did it put you out of work for anytime?

substantial settlementsWork is directly related to your flow of income.. If your injury made it difficult for you to go back to work for a week that is an expense or financial damage. It’s worth discussing matters with our personal injury lawyers because the time invested into a personal injury case might be financially worth it. Especially since our law firm offers free consultations for personal injury cases.

Did you have go to a hospital and use your insurance or pay any medical bills at all?

Maybe your insurance did cover 90% of the costs, but your injuries were so severe they required serious medical attention speaks to the courts. Medical bills show the real damages, it displays what damages the medical professionals discovered, whether if they had to diagnose or fully treat the injury. Occasionally people will come in with no medical records at all of their injuries, and they never spoke to a doctor about it, yet they want a significant compensation. It’s hard to prove the severity of the injury if there were no medical costs associated with it.

Did anything you own receive any damages that resulted in an expense? Like your vehicle, or home?

The main idea behind a personal injury lawsuit is to have the individual, or organization that’s responsible for the accident to financially pay for the damages that the accident was responsible for. If your bike which originally costed 2 thousand dollars was completely damaged in an accident that wasn’t your fault you should work with a lawyer to have that covered. If your car experienced damages that ended up costing into the thousands in body shop fees you should get that covered in a personal injury lawsuit if the insurance doesn’t fully cover it.

Did the injury leave any permanent dysfunction where you can no longer do a simple task anymore?

Every injury is different and don’t always result in significant financial costs but they can result in a long term dysfunction. Imagine hurting your knee so bad where you can still walk, and work to make an income, but you can no longer run the rest of your life. That holds a value, that long term permanent disability. Don’t pay the price for a long term disability, hire our lawyers to help you get the maximum compensation.

Did an insurance company cover the cost of all the damages from the injury?

Many times insurance companies do recognize that their policy holder was at-fault for your personal injury. However, they still figured out a way to short change you. Maybe they paid you as quick as possible, then once the medical bills came you recognized that they missed a good portion of the accident expenses.

Did your injury result in severe emotional damages?

This is hard to prove if there are no medical costs at all, but in cases of sexual harassment or rape, this is a real thing and the courts know about the damages associated with these selfish acts. There are some accidents that will result in PTSD these damages can be a little more difficult to prove, unless the accident was pretty severe, and professional therapists show that PTSD is going on. With any emotional damages there is the expense of professional help, this should be paid for by the party that was at-fault.

Never Be Afraid to Talk With Our Law Firm

Your case might be different, and the questions discussed above may not answer your question about your personal injury. Our personal injury lawyers are here to talk, listen and give advice. If another party or person was what you believe to be responsible for your accident we are ready to listen.