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What Kind of Evidence in Truck Wrecks Needs to be Preserved?

Dan Brian   |  March 7, 2017   |  

Representation After a Truck Accident

At our law firm, we call truck accidents truck wrecks, because most of them are not really accidents at all. Accidents imply there was no fault, but the vast majority of truck crashes are caused by driver error, trucking company negligence or other fault by a person or company.

After a wreck, the trucking company will take control of the evidence right away. This means that a person who was hit while in a passenger car is at an extreme disadvantage in the aftermath of a crash.

However, those people can fight back by contacting their own truck accident attorney right away. In this video, trucking attorney Gene Riddle explains what his law firm can do for people injured by a truck while in a passenger vehicle.

YouTube video

Video Transcription

The most important evidence in truck wrecks that I have found absolutely essential for preservation, witnesses. A lot of tractor trailer accidents involve a situation where our clients were either killed or they were hurt so badly that the investigating officer wasn’t able to get a statement from us, or anybody in our car. But the driver of the tractor trailer or truck was able to give a statement. And in most cases, the statement was in their favor. So it’s very important for us to identify and talk to witnesses as soon as possible. A lot of times, our clients who are in wrecks with tractor trailers and very large vehicles, they’re still in the hospital. And it’s very difficult for law enforcement to get a statement from them. And sometimes they don’t remember what happened because the accident was so bad. But witnesses do know what happened. And if you can get to them early, that’s the key. Because then you can get law enforcement to talk to those witnesses and law enforcement will, in fact, modify their report and make the necessary revisions based on what eye-witnesses tell them. Please give us a call or send us an email. We’re here, we’re ready to help. Justice counts.

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