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Should I Get a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident?

Dan Brian   |  April 23, 2017   |  

Our law offices help many people involved in all kinds of car accidents, big and small. If you have sustained an injury in a serious car accident, you definitely should have an attorney as soon as possible to make sure the insurance company fully pays your claim. If you think you need a lawyer for a minor car accident, it does not hurt to call our law firm to review the situation.

Car accident lawyer Gene Riddle explains how his law offices welcome inquiries about any type of wreck.
If our lawyers cannot help you, they will refer you to someone who can or let you know they think you can handle the claim on your own. There is never a charge or obligation to speak to one of our attorneys about a car accident.


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Video Transcription:

Even if you don’t think your case is big enough for us to look at, we encourage you to give us a call.  Even if it is something that we can’t handle, we’ll try to put you in touch with somebody who can help you.  If it’s an injury case, definitely give us a call. If we can’t help you, we’ll tell you that. A lot of people think, ahh, my case is not big enough for Gene to take a look at it. You would be surprised at the number of small cases I take, just to help out my neighbor down the street or help out the guy that is working at the Olive Garden or help the guy out that is working as a teacher in our school system. I want to help our people. Not every case is going to be big. But we’re here to help. Please give us a call or send us an email. We’re here. We’re ready to help. Justice Counts!