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Who’s at Fault for a Car Accident Involving a Pedestrian?

Dan Brian   |  April 20, 2017   |  

Determining Fault

A car accident involving a pedestrian can be complex, and the car driver will likely claim the pedestrian was partially or completely at fault to deflect the blame. The driver’s insurance company will be attempting to avoid paying out any claims, which is why pedestrians need their own attorney to represent their interests. Each case will be unique, depending on where the accident occurred and the circumstances surrounding the wreck. In this video, pedestrian accident lawyer Gene Riddle explains some of the common issues that come up in these types of situations.


YouTube video

Video Transcription:

Contributory negligence impacts pedestrian cases probably more so than any other type of case and there are reasons for that. Number one, pedestrians don’t have the right of way in roads unless the rules of the road give them the right of way, such as at crosswalks. If the intersection is determined in the terms of right of way by a crosswalk, that’s lit, even a crosswalk that’s not lit, least it’s a crosswalk for pedestrians, so pedestrians have a right to be there. Otherwise pedestrians are not supposed to be in the road, in most cases, and if you want specific information about pedestrians in crosswalks please go to our website, because we fully explore that in our website. Please give us a call or send us an email. We’re here, we’re ready to help. Justice counts.