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Zantac Kidney Cancer: What’s the Risk?

Riddle Brantley LLP   |  April 27, 2020   |  

Does Zantac cause kidney cancer? Recent research indicates that NDMA-contaminated Zantac may cause kidney cancer, and as many as 18 other types.

If you’ve taken brand-name Zantac and been diagnosed with kidney cancer (or another type of cancer), you may have a claim for compensation and the experienced Zantac cancer lawyers at Riddle & Brantley may be able to help.

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“Does Zantac cause kidney cancer?”

While research has not demonstrated a direct causal relationship between NDMA-contaminated Zantac and kidney cancer, what we do know is that NDMA has caused kidney cancer in other studies.

In other words, the Zantac kidney cancer threat is potentially serious.

Does Zantac Cause Kidney CancerA landmark report by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry determined that laboratory rats exposed to elevated levels of NDMA (such as the type in contaminated Zantac) were more likely to develop kidney cancer. Kidney tumors were also discovered in mice that had ingested elevated levels of NDMA.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also cautions that NDMA — the dangerous chemical found in Zantac and ranitidine — may cause kidney cancer.

“In animal studies,” an EPA report notes, “exposure to NDMA has caused tumors primarily of the liver, respiratory tract, kidney and blood vessels.”

So, based on the scientific evidence available, it is reasonable to assume that NDMA-contaminated Zantac may cause kidney cancer.

Researchers at Sloan Memorial Cancer Center are reportedly investigating what specific types of cancer, including kidney cancer, may be linked to elevated levels of NDMA. This research will help those who have taken Zantac better understand potential Zantac kidney cancer risk.

Cancers that may be linked to contaminated Zantac and ranitidine include:

Have you been diagnosed with kidney cancer (or another type of cancer) after taking brand-name Zantac?

If you’ve suffered from kidney cancer after taking brand-name Zantac (or a combination of the brand-name and generic versions) for an extended period of time, you may qualify for a Zantac cancer lawsuit. Significant financial compensation may be available to you.

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IMPORTANT: A federal judge recently ruled against lawsuits concerning generic Zantac. At this point, we can only accept cases concerning use of brand-name Zantac OR “mixed” use of brand-name Zantac and generic equivalents.


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