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Important Tips for Parents During Window Covering Safety Month

Dan Brian   |  October 13, 2017   |  

Pedestrian accidents have increased.Statistics published by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) show that more than 330 children have died since 1981 due to strangulation from window blind cords. Another 160 plus have suffered catastrophic injuries. Children can easily become tangled in window blind cords. For this reason, the Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) has launched a month-long public safety campaign to teach parents how to avoid injuries and deaths caused by window blind cords.

Parents may avoid window blind hazards by adhering to the following safety tips.

  • Keep children away from window blind cords: This tip may seem obvious, but it is possible to make mistakes t+hat cause children to approach window blinds. The WCSC recommends keeping toys, cribs, beds and furniture away from window blind cords. You should also eliminate dangling cords. According to the CPSC, two-thirds of window blind accidents could have been prevented if children had been kept away from cords.
  • Shorten window cords: The WCSC suggests keeping tasseled pull cords as short as possible. You can also buy cord cleats to secure tasseled pull cords. These small devices let you wrap excess cords so they are kept out reach of children.
  • Anchor continuous loop cords: According to the WCSC, you should ensure that continuous loop cords are anchored to the floor or wall.
  • Adjust cord stops: Cord stops should be installed correctly and adjusted to limit the movement of inner cords.
  • Get rid of old window blinds: Safety standards for window blinds have been improved in the past few decades. Although these standards still need major improvements, window blinds manufactured before 2001 are considered unsafe by the CPSC.
  • Use cordless window blinds: The most effective safety tip is to simply not use window blinds that contain cords. In fact, this is what the CPSC has recommended to parents with small children. If you are going to utilize any of the safety tips from this blog, then please let it be this one. Cordless window blinds can be bought at most hardware stores or online.

Window Blind Cords are Not the Only Safety Hazard in Homes

Residential dwellings are full of safety hazards that can pose a danger to children. For example, some garage doors can cause crush injuries. Electrical sockets, swimming pools, top-heavy furniture, prescription medications and cleaning supplies can also cause injuries or death. Continue to follow our blog for future updates on how to eliminate these hazards.

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