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Did you or a loved one suffer injuries because of a slip and fall in Fayetteville? Did your loved one pass away from fall-related injuries?

Hire a Fayetteville personal injury attorney.

The Fayetteville slip and fall lawyers at Riddle & Brantley Accident Injury Lawyers are dedicated to our clients, and we will work hard for your financial recovery.

Our law firm has served North Carolinians for many years, amassing valuable experience that we will apply to your case. Call Riddle & Brantley Accident Injury Lawyers today for your free consultation. Our team is waiting to assess your legal rights and options following a slip and fall accident.

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Why Slip and Fall Accident Victim in Fayetteville Choose Riddle & Brantley

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Choosing a lawyer is a decision you want to get right. When you hire your Fayetteville slip and fall attorney from Riddle & Brantley Accident Injury Lawyers, you don’t have to wonder whether you’ve chosen the right firm.

Fall victims and their loved ones turn to our firm because:

  • We have proven ourselves time and time again: Our lawyers have secured financial settlements and verdicts for many clients. This track record of repeated success should make you confident in hiring Riddle & Brantley Accident Injury Lawyers.
  • Former clients back our attorneys: Our former clients have left many rave reviews for our team. These testimonials highlight our compassion, reliability, and tenacity in securing all the compensation our clients deserve. 
  • We know premises liability law in North Carolina: Our firm’s commitment to clients in North Carolina makes us familiar with state laws and legal procedures. We focus on communities like Fayetteville so we can better serve our clients when handling cases throughout the state.
  • Our lawyers have more than 220 years of combined legal experience: Experience is valuable to any lawyer. Our team has more than 220 years of combined experience, which allows us to understand the many challenges and demands of slip and fall cases like yours.
  • You’ll feel like family at Riddle & Brantley: Suffering a fall can be immensely distressing, but we want to make your legal process as painless as possible. We treat you like one of our own, showing compassion and listening to you throughout your case. 

We build close bonds with every client we represent. Your attorney will contact you regularly about your case, providing updates and helping you make case-related decisions.

Case Results Speak Volumes About Our Firm

Our firm proves its value by delivering settlements and recoveries to our clients.

We have delivered many, including financial recoveries of:

  • $9.45 million
  • $7.85 million
  • $5.25 million
  • $5 million
  • $3.6 million
  • $3 million

Our lawyers will strive to secure all of the compensation you deserve. Falls can cost thousands of dollars in medical expenses, and we will demand that liable parties pay for all medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages you have endured.

We Know the Immense Cost of Falls (and We Demand Fair Compensation for Our Clients)

Falls can cause your body immediate and long-term injuries, including:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (which can result when one’s head hits the ground or another object)
  • Broken bones (particularly in the arms, hands, and hip)
  • Tendon injuries
  • Joint dislocations

These are just some of the injuries we see in fall victims. You may also suffer psychological and emotional harm because of the fall and its lingering effects. Being injured can cause a host of severe damages, including:

Medical Expenses

You need medical care after a fall, but this care can also cost thousands of dollars.

One of our goals is to secure fair compensation for all of your fall-related medical services, which may include:

  • Ambulance transport from the site of your fall
  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Surgery
  • Imaging services
  • Rehabilitation services

Your Fayetteville slip and fall attorney will collaborate with your doctors to monitor your medical needs, establish the total cost of your care, and evaluate any future medical care you will need.

Lost Quality of Life (and Other Forms of Pain and Suffering)

The challenges of an injury can worsen your suffering and can even affect you for the remainder of your life.

Our attorneys will determine the cost of your pain and suffering, which may include:

  • The pain you suffer during and immediately after the fall
  • Long-term pain, which may prove to be chronic
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Emotional anguish
  • Psychological distress
  • Sleep problems
  • Lost quality of life

Your injuries may interfere with your exercise routine, daily responsibilities, relationships, and other essential aspects of your life. We will consider such harm as we evaluate your pain and suffering.

Professional Harm

No matter what professional field you occupy, we expect that fall-related injuries will diminish your ability to do your job.

This can cause:

  • Lost income
  • Diminished earning power
  • The loss of opportunities for overtime, performance bonuses, promotions, and other benefits
  • Other professional damages

If you cannot work for a significant period, your long-term career prospects may suffer. Our attorneys will consider immediate and long-term damages as we value your professional damages.

Mental Health Service Costs

You may choose to receive counseling, take medications, and pursue other types of treatment for pain and suffering. Our team will help you find a mental health professional, determine your mental health service needs, and calculate all required care costs.

We Represent Clients Affected by Fatal Falls in Fayetteville

Affordable Slip and Fall Attorney in North Carolina - Riddle & Brantley

Some falls cause fatal injuries, which can result from brain injuries, internal injuries, and other medical complications.

Our attorneys fight for justice on behalf of wrongful death victims, who often suffer:

  • Grief and other types of pain and suffering
  • Funeral expenses (and burial or cremation costs)
  • Loss of a spouse’s companionship
  • Loss of the decedent’s income, employer-provided benefits, and other forms of financial support
  • Loss of the decedent’s value to their household, which may have included lost handiwork, security, accounting services, and help with chores

Losing a loved one is distressing and costly in every case. If you are grappling with a loved one’s loss, hire a Fayetteville slip and fall lawyer from Riddle & Brantley Accident Injury Lawyers to hold liable parties accountable.

Allow a Fayetteville Slip and Fall Lawyer to Lead Every Step of Your Case

Those with injuries, psychological hardship, and other problems related to a fall should be free to focus on recovery. Hiring our firm will ensure you can devote your time and energy to healing, and our team will:

Determine Liability for Your Slip and Fall in Fayetteville

While property owners are often responsible for falls on their premises, liability is sometimes more complicated. Your attorney will investigate your fall, establish the cause, and determine who is financially responsible for your damages.

Obtain All Evidence Supporting Your Case

We build evidence-heavy cases that rely on fact rather than speculation.

Your attorney in Fayetteville will urgently secure any evidence that supports your case, which may include:

  • Photographs of a spill, slick flooring, or other hazards that caused you to slip
  • Video footage of the fall
  • Eyewitness accounts of the fall
  • Eyewitness accounts of conditions that caused you to fall
  • Premises liability experts’ testimony about the cause of the fall (and who is responsible for the slipping hazard)
  • Any other evidence that suggests whose negligence caused you to slip and fall

Our firm’s personnel know the types of evidence that can help us win slip and fall cases, and we will act quickly to gather such evidence.

Your Fayetteville premises liability attorney will document your damages in extensive detail using:

  • Medical records indicating the nature and severity of your injuries
  • X-rays and other medical images of your injuries
  • Medical bills
  • Proof you are unable to work (and proof of income you have lost as a consequence)
  • Diagnoses of your pain and suffering 

We will identify each of your damages and secure all documentation proving those damages.

Calculating a Specific Case Value

We will evaluate each of your damages to determine exactly how much compensation you deserve. This figure will set the bar for our settlement demands.

Negotiating a Settlement with Liable Parties

We may seek compensation from insurance companies or the party responsible for causing your fall. Your attorney will have extensive documentation of your damages to bolster our settlement demands.

If insurers or the at-fault property owner are not willing to accept our settlement demands or offer a fair offer, we will prepare to represent you in court. This will require filing a lawsuit, exhausting final negotiation opportunities, and preparing for trial.

Our attorneys have secured many fair verdicts for our clients, so we are always confident when trying cases in court. While most slip and fall cases end with a settlement, our firm eagerly takes cases to court when our clients need us to.

Overseeing Every Other Detail of Your Case

No detail of your case is too large or small for the Riddle & Brantley Accident Injury Lawyers team. From phone calls to appearances and strategy, we will manage every feature of your case.

The Many Benefits of Hiring a Slip and Fall Attorney

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Hiring a lawyer proves the right decision for many clients because:

  • A lawyer enables you to put your needs first: Being able to prioritize your health is priceless. Those with attorneys handling their insurance claims and lawsuits have more time to dedicate to their mental and physical health.
  • We provide valuable resources for your case: A law firm’s support includes the time and effort lawyers put into their cases. It also includes expert services, trial preparation, and countless other resources. Having these resources on your side can significantly strengthen your case.
  • We work from experience: Our attorneys bring years of experience to our slip and fall cases. This experience means we are ready for any challenge we encounter during your case. 

Personal injury attorneys know how insurance companies and civil defense lawyers operate. Having a lawyer’s experience and knowledge behind your case may be immensely valuable.

We Will Work to Prove the Property Owner’s Negligence

Our attorneys are well-versed in proving defendants’ negligence. Though property owners typically do not intend to cause falls, they often fail to take the necessary measures to prevent them—this is what we call negligence.

Some common examples of property owner negligence from slip and fall cases include:

Failing to Install and Maintain Adequate Lighting

Lighting can be the difference between someone avoiding a slipping hazard or suffering a nasty fall.

Property owners must:

  • Install adequate lighting throughout the premises
  • Test and evaluate lighting to ensure it provides adequate visibility at all times of day
  • Replace defective, burnt-out, or insufficient lighting right away

Every aspect of a property must be designed for safety, and lighting is a key part of that.

Not Training Employees About Slipping Hazards

When property owners fail to hire qualified employees or train those employees with respect to safety, the property owner can be liable for resulting accidents.

Failing to Identify Slipping Hazards Properly

Every property owner must actively look for potential hazards, including those that can cause slip and fall accidents. Failure to identify and rectify slipping hazards makes the property owner liable for resulting injuries.

If a property owner or other liable party does anything that endangers you, they may have to pay for the cost of your fall. You can hold other parties liable in addition to the property owner, and our firm will hold each negligent party accountable.

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