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Depuy ASR hip implant lawsuit attorneys in RaleighIf you or a loved one has had a hip implant using DePuy ASRTM XL Acetabular System or the ASRTM Hip Resurfacing System, you’ve probably heard the bad news. These implants have been recalled as they cause painful complications and have a high failure rate. Patients may have to pay the price, in terms of suffering, medical bills, and even another hip surgery even though it is DePuy’s fault.

DePuy ASR Hip Implant Compensation Lawyers

Patients who received the implants are entitled to financial compensation for their pain and suffering as well as the medical expenses that they incur as a result of the defective implant. Riddle & Brantley can help you or your loved one get the compensation you deserve. With a proven reputation of winning personal injury and class action lawsuits, we’re with you at this difficult time. Call us for a free consultation today.

The Background: Why the Recall was Issued

To give you a little background, Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary DePuy Orthopaedics have issued a global recall of two of its FDA approved hip implant devices – ASRTM XL Acetabular System or the ASR Hip Resurfacing System. The recall was issued after the FDA received numerous patient complaints of side effects and adverse reactions from those who received the ASRTM Hip System. A whopping 93,000 patients worldwide have received the implants.

What Are the Complications and Symptoms?

The metal on metal construction of these implants produces debris that lead to severe complications, including premature failure, metallosis, infection, dislocation, immobility, and even an increased risk of cancer. Symptoms may include pain in the hip, thigh or groin areas, difficulty and/or pain while walking. Some patients may also require revision surgeries.

What Should I Do Next?

If you or your loved one had a hip implant using ASRTM and have any of these complaints, you should consult your doctor and contact an attorney, as you may be entitled to seek compensation. Johnson & Johnson and DePuy have paid out several billion dollars to thousands of affected patients, and more lawsuits are being settled.

How Much Money Will I get?

While it cannot be guaranteed your particular case will be decided in your favor, the settlements for successful lawsuits range from a few hundred thousand to a few hundred million dollars per case. The only thing we can guarantee is that we’ll work personally with you and leave no stone unturned to win you the money you deserve as quickly as possible.

How Much Would It Cost?

You’ve already been the victim of someone else’s fault, and we won’t burden you more. Instead, we’re here to make things easier for you. We’ll charge you our legal fees only when you get paid. Until then, you just pay your medical expenses. No need to stress out thinking about your compensation claim and legal bills. We’ll take care of all legalities as you take care of your health.

Contact the law offices of Riddle & Brantley for a free consultation by calling (800) 525-7111 or click here to submit your request online.

If you or your loved one had a hip implant using ASRTM and have any of these symptoms, you should consider contacting an attorney as you may be entitled to seek compensation. Contact the law offices of Riddle & Brantley for a free consultation by callin (800) 525-7111 or by clicking here to submit your request online.

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