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December 2023 Camp Lejeune Lawsuits Update

Riddle Brantley LLP   |  December 4, 2023   |  

What to Know About Camp Lejeune Claims in December 2023

The latest developments in the Camp Lejeune Water Litigation as of November 2023 are quite significant. A joint status report filed in the Eastern District of North Carolina revealed a substantial number of claims and lawsuits. Specifically, 129,158 claims have been filed with the Navy, and 1,419 lawsuits have been filed in federal court. Among these, only ten cases in litigation have met the Elective Option criteria, with four cases being settled.

1st Settlements Awarded

Significantly, the Department of Justice (DOJ) reported that sixteen cases have been deemed eligible for settlement, with four settlements amounting to $1 million. This sum includes settlements for various health conditions like Parkinson’s Disease, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and Leukemia​​.

As of December 2023, over 1,300 lawsuits and more than 117,000 administrative claims have been filed nationwide. The first Camp Lejeune payout was made in October 2023, and more offers have been made since then. Trials are set to begin in 2024, and the Congressional Budget Office estimates that over $21 billion may be paid out to victims of the contaminated water at Camp Lejeune. The DOJ has also announced an Elective Option that would allow victims to receive a set amount of compensation depending on their injuries and time spent on base​​.

Furthermore, the U.S. Department of Justice revealed that the first three Elective Option payouts totaled $850,000, with two of the three payments having been disbursed by November 13, 2023. As of November 3, 2023, the DOJ had offered 23 Elective Option payouts to Camp Lejeune families, with only three having been accepted at that time​​.

How to File a Camp Lejeune Claim or Lawsuit

The Camp Lejeune Justice Act requires a two-step process to start your claim:

STEP 1: File an Administrative Claim

The first step is to file an administrative claim with the Department of Navy.  Approximately 130,000 claims have been filed with the Department of Navy to date.  Only a handful of claims have been settled. We anticipate thousands more claims will be filed before the deadline next summer, so time may be of the essence.

STEP 2: Consider Filing a Lawsuit

The second step is to consider the option to file a lawsuit in the Eastern District of North Carolina.  You have to wait at least 6 months after filing your administrative claim before you can file a lawsuit. This is federal law. Some claims will be settled without filing suit and other claims may require a lawsuit.

As of now, the deadline to file a lawsuit for a Camp Lejeune claim is February 10, 2025. 

A Camp Lejeune Master Complaint was filed on October 6, which consolidates claims made by victims and facts surrounding the water contamination. The court must receive an answer to this complaint within 45 calendar days, and discovery for trials concerning track 1 illnesses should be completed within 120 days. As a result, trials are anticipated to begin around March 2024​​.

These developments indicate a significant step forward in addressing the numerous claims and lawsuits related to the Camp Lejeune water contamination issue. With the approaching deadline of August 10, 2024, for filing claims with the Navy, the situation remains dynamic, and further developments are expected as the legal processes continue.

Do You Have a Claim for Compensation?

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