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Workers’ Comp

There is No Best Workers Compensation Lawyer, But There Are Specialists

July 8, 2019   |  
If you’ve been injured at work, you may be filing a workers’ compensation claim, and there’s a pretty good chance you’ve been searching for best workers compensation lawyer on Google or elsewhere. The fact is, there is no such thing as the best workers’ compensation lawyer. Every case is different,...
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Can You Get Workers’ Comp for Carpal Tunnel?

April 18, 2018   |  
Carpal tunnel is an occupational disease that affects even the employees at Riddle & Brantley. Their office has handled many carpal tunnel cases affecting the general public, so they know the painful symptoms that come with the disease. The conditions can be serious, ending for a lot of people in...
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Why Should I Call an Attorney for a Workers Comp Claim?

May 18, 2017   |  
While some work injuries are relatively minor, it never hurts to call an attorney for a workers comp claim. In this video, attorney and board certified specialist in workers compensation Adam Smith explains a few things that could possibly go wrong when making a claim. Our law firm is happy...
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Do I Need a Lawyer for a Simple Workers Comp Case?

May 17, 2017   |  
When a person has a seemingly simple workers comp case, it is still a good idea to discuss the situation with an attorney. At our law firm, we have two lawyers on staff who are board certified as specialists in workers compensation. It costs nothing to speak to them about...
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Can You Appeal a Workers Comp Denial?

April 30, 2017   |  
What happens if your workers compensation claim is denied? Can you appeal a workers comp denial? In this video, attorney Gene Riddle explains that his law offices assist workers who have sustained injuries on the job. While it is preferable to contact a workplace accident attorney before filing the claim,...
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Do Independent Contractors in Construction Get Workers Comp?

April 26, 2017   |  
Generally, workers comp is for employees, not independent contractors. However, particularly in the construction industry, the lines between independent contractor and employee can be blurred. If a construction worker is injured onsite, they should speak to an attorney to see what their options for workers comp or other relief may...
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Can I Get Workers Comp for a Back Injury?

April 25, 2017   |  
Generally, workers comp will be given to employees hurt on the job after suffering a specific accident at work. However, there is an exception to this rule: back injuries. In this video, workers comp lawyer Gene Riddle explains how back injuries at work are treated slightly different under the law....
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Do I Have a Workers Comp Case?

March 28, 2017   |  
When an employee is involved in a work accident and is injured as a result, he or she may have a claim for workers’ compensation. However, there has to be an actual accident in order to receive the benefits. In this video, Raleigh workers’ comp lawyer Gene Riddle explains what...
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What is the Workers Compensation Process in North Carolina?

March 27, 2017   |  
The workers compensation process in North Carolina is not always easy or straightforward. In this video, workers’ comp lawyer Gene Riddle explains the process of filing a claim. When you call our office after an on-the-job accident, our lawyers can review your situation and let you know the right steps...
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Can Undocumented Immigrants File a Workers Comp Claim?

Undocumented immigrants file a workers comp claim like any other employee. Our firm has handled work and construction accident cases involving injured, undocumented workers. It does not matter if workers are undocumented, although they may be understandably nervous. Injured workers can receive compensation regardless of their immigration status. In this...
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