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Workers in North Carolina’s booming construction industry are at far higher risk of sustaining a serious injury than other industries. Statistically, one in five worker deaths in 2013 were in the in the construction field. Construction workers face extreme dangers in the use of power tools, working in elevated locations, and the potential contact with electricity, among many other hazards on construction sites.

Even if your employer has all safety procedures in place, the risks remain high. Some employers cut corners on safety, and the worker and his or her family pay the price for these violations.

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Construction’s Fatal Four: The Most Common Reasons for Death on the Job

The U.S. Department of Labor has issued a report on the rising number of construction deaths in the nation, with data regarding the “fatal four.” According to the agency, these are the four most common accidents leading to construction workers losing their lives. If these four types of accidents were eliminated, the agency estimates that 478 lives would be saved every year.

Struck by an object

84 people died by being struck, at 10.1 percent of the total deaths.


302 out of the 828 deaths in the construction field in 2013 were from falls - 36.5 percent.

For example, we represented the family of an employee who was performing carpentry work at a residential home when he fell approximately 30 feet and sustained severe head trauma, which subsequently caused his The Defendants denied this claim and argued that no employee-employer relationship existed. Chris Brantley, one of our NC State Bar certified specialists in Workers Compensation, was successful in obtaining a settlement in the amount of approximately $275,000.00 for the benefit of the employee’s beneficiaries who were minor children at the time of death.


71 people died by contact with electricity, coming in at 8.6 percent of the total deaths that year.

For example, we represented an employee working in an industrial site. While rerouting a wire, an electrical explosion caused him to suffer some severe electrical burns over approximately 46% of his body. He received extensive treatment at the burn center including skin grafting and multiple surgeries. He endured extensive recovery time with a large amount of physical & occupational therapy, pain management, massage therapy and some plastic surgery. Our client was left with approximately 15% permanent partial impairment ratings to both upper extremities due to scar contracture, along with facial and neck scarring. He received wage compensation and all medical treatment during rehabilitation. Fortunately he recovered from his extensive injuries and returned to full time work. His claim settled for $165,000.00 additional compensation.

We also successfully represented an employee who was performing maintenance at a construction site. He was replacing damaged PVC pipe and removing insulation in metal pipes when he was electrocuted. He received emergency treatment for cardiac arrhythmia and severe right upper extremity swelling, with paresthesia in the right hand. He was life lighted to the burn center where he received extensive treatment for electrical burns and musculoskeletal injuries. His recovery was lengthy and he was left with some permanent disabling injuries which limited him to permanent sedentary work restrictions. He received wage compensation and medical benefits during his recovery time and his claim was settled for total of $368,000, inclusive of a structure for future medical treatment.


21 of the total deaths in the industry were related to a worker being caught in or between, at 2.5 percent of the total number of fatalities.

Please note that these results are intended to illustrate the type of matters handled by our firm and not all of the firm’s results are listed. These results do not guarantee a similar outcome, and they should not be construed to constitute a promise or guarantee of a particular result in any particular case. Every case is different, and the outcome of any case depends upon a variety of factors unique to that case.

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Construction Accident Injuries

There are many injuries that can occur on a construction site, some of which lead to permanent impairments or fatalities. Families are left struggling financially, and there may appear that there is no help in sight. That is when our legal team gets involved. You deserve justice and compensation for what happened to you, and we fight hard for every possible form of compensation for injured construction workers.

Top OSHA Violations

The agency further reports on violations of worker safety laws, and the construction industry once again, is at the forefront. Safety violations put construction workers at an even higher risk of injury or death. OSHA reports that the following were the most frequently cited violations of safety standards in a recently reported year:

  • Fall protection violations
  • Hazard communication violations
  • Scaffolding violations
  • Respiratory protection violations
  • Powered industrial truck violations (forklifts)
  • Control of hazardous energy violations
  • Ladder violations
  • Electrical wiring methods, components and equipment violations
  • Machinery and machine guarding violations
  • Electrical system design violations

How Riddle & Brantley Can Help

If you work in the construction industry in North Carolina, you have the right to work in a safe workplace. If your employer has failed to uphold the federal and state safety standards, and you were injured, it is time to hold those responsible accountable.

At our firm, we are zealous advocates for injured construction workers, and we take on any corporation or insurance company with confidence and skill. You deserve all of the compensation possible, including fair compensation from any third parties that may be liable for what happened to you. Call our firm today and get the help you deserve.

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