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Don’t Apologize After an Accident. It May Be Used Against You.

July 30, 2020   |  
For almost 40 years, Riddle & Brantley has helped thousands of North Carolina car accident victims navigate challenging insurance claims in the aftermath of an auto accident. When clients come to us for assistance after a car accident, we’re often asked the question, “Is apologizing after a car accident admitting fault?”...
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Can Dash Cam Evidence Be Used in Accident Cases in North Carolina?

July 23, 2020   |  
Is Dash Cam Evidence Allowed in Car Accident Cases in North Carolina? Yes, in most cases in North Carolina, dash cam video footage is admissible evidence in car accident cases. Dash cams have dramatically improved North Carolina car accident attorneys and juries’ ability to understand exactly what happened in a...
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What Do I Do After a Car Accident?

October 11, 2018   |  
Have you ever wondered, "What do I do after a car accident?" When you're involved in a car accident, it can be very stressful. From speaking to the police to managing hospital bills, or even dealing with the insurance company afterward; it's all overwhelming and takes away from what's most important:...
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Intentional Acts Can Effect Value of a Personal Injury Claim

July 9, 2015   |  
An article on WRAL.com explores an auto accident that occurred on Thursday where a Sanford woman allegedly intentionally struck her boyfriend with her vehicle.  Intentional acts can have a serious effect on a bodily injury claim.  An individual who acts recklessly can be held liable not only for compensatory damages,...
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