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Takata Airbag Recall: The Largest Auto Recall in US History

April 19, 2018   |  
The Takata Airbag Recall is considered the largest auto safety recall in United States history. The recall involves more than 50 million airbags in cars, trucks, and SUVs of 19 different automakers. Caused by a defective inflator, the airbags are exploding when deployed in a car accident, sending shrapnel flying...
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How Will the Takata Bankruptcy Affect Its Airbag Recall?

July 19, 2017   |  
Have you heard of the Takata airbag recall? If not, then you need to keep reading. It is the largest automotive recall in history, and ignoring it could prove deadly. As of this writing, 12 people in the U.S. have allegedly lost their lives due to these defective airbags—worldwide 17...
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