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Can You Get Workers Comp for Carpal Tunnel?

Dan Brian   |  March 27, 2017   |  

Workers comp for carpal tunnel can be given in serious cases. Carpal tunnel syndrome is an occupational disease that affects people who use their hands rapidly all day. Typing is a good example.

Carpal tunnel is a painful condition, and many people with the condition end up requiring surgery. However, workers with this condition may still be entitled to having their medical bills and wages paid while they are missing work. In this video, Raleigh workers’ comp attorney Gene Riddle explains carpal tunnel syndrome and why workers with the condition may receive benefits.

YouTube video

Video Transcription

Carpal tunnel is a perfect example of occupational disease. Carpal tunnel is a serious medical condition that you get when you use your hands rapidly all day. And that’s all you do all day.

For example, the ladies in our office who type. And we’ve actually had some carpal tunnel cases against us. Obviously we support our employees who really suffer the condition but we’ve handled many carpal tunnel cases for people in the general public. And they’re a result of a lot of fine manipulations with the hands. Particularly typing.

And they’re real serious conditions. They’re very painful. A lot of these people end up having surgery. They end up with successful surgeries but they’re still entitled to having their medical bills paid, having their wages paid while they’re out of work. And compensation for permanent problems with their hands. Please give us a call or send us an email. We’re here. We’re ready to help. Justice Counts.