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Can I Get Workers Comp for a Back Injury?

Dan Brian   |  April 25, 2017   |  

Generally, workers comp will be given to employees hurt on the job after suffering a specific accident at work. However, there is an exception to this rule: back injuries. In this video, workers comp lawyer Gene Riddle explains how back injuries at work are treated slightly different under the law. The most important thing to know regarding workers comp for a back injury is that it is like other types of insurance: the company is not on your side. Before making a workers comp claim for a back injury, speak to an attorney at our office to review the situation at no cost or further obligation.

YouTube video

Video Transcription:

Back injuries are different in workers’ compensation, because you don’t have to prove you had an accident. All you have to prove is that you had a specific traumatic incident.

What does that mean? Specific traumatic incident means, that you were lifting something and at one specific moment in time, you experienced pain, you experienced a pull, you experienced an injury as a result of something specific that you were doing that involved your back. For example, lifting a heavy object.

A lot of people need lawyers in workers’ compensation cases and they don’t even know it. They need a lawyer because, again the insurance company, is looking out for the insurance best interest. The insurance company is not necessarily tied at the hip with the employer, the insurance company gets to make its decisions, at times independent of what the employer thinks or the employer wants. At times, we have employers who refer their injured workers to us, to give them help with their workers’ compensation case, because they don’t think the insurance company is treating them fairly. Please give us a call or send us an email. We’re here, we’re ready to help. Justice counts.