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Does Elmiron Cause Eye Problems?

Many are wondering if Elmiron causes eye problems after alarming research in 2018 and 2019 found that Elmiron causes serious eye damage, including pigmentary maculopathy, retinopathy, and scotoma.

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In this article, we’ll examine the question, “Does Elmiron cause eye problems?” and share what those who may have been affected can do to protect their legal rights and seek compensation for their injuries.

“Does Elmiron cause eye problems?”

Does Elmiron Cause Eye Problems - Riddle & Brantley Elmiron LawyersYes, research strongly indicates that Elmiron causes eye problems, including serious eye damage including pigmentary maculopathy, retinopathy, and scotoma. These conditions can even lead to full or partial blindness.

If you’ve been diagnosed with eye damage such as pigmentary maculopathy after taking Elmiron, you may be entitled to compensation. For a FREE, no-obligation consultation with an Elmiron attorney, please call 1-800-525-7111.

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Elmiron Eye Problems

A landmark Elmiron study recently found that roughly one-quarter of patients studied developed serious eye damage after long-term use of Elmiron.

Eye problems potentially caused by Elmiron include:

Symptoms of eye problems potentially caused by Elmiron include:

  • Vision loss
  • Blurry vision
  • Blind spots in the field of vision
  • Blank or dark spots in the field of vision
  • Difficulty reading
  • Difficulty adjusting to dim lighting
  • Trouble seeing things up close
  • Impaired color vision
  • Objects appearing distorted
  • Straight lines appearing wavy or crooked
  • Eye strain
  • Eye pain

FDA Warning

Elmiron Eye Problems - Riddle & BrantleyIn mid-2020, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) required manufacturers of Elmiron to include a new warning on the prescription label, notifying patients that pigmentary maculopathy and other eye problems may be caused by Elmiron.

IMPORTANT: If you’ve suffered eye damage or vision loss after taking Elmiron, contact your doctor immediately. Those taking Elmiron are also encouraged to contact their prescribing doctor for more information about potential Elmiron eye damage risk.

Elmiron is manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. Allegations have been made that Janssen Pharamaceuticals was aware of the potential eye problems associated with Elmiron and failed to notify consumers.

What is Elmiron?

Elmiron, or pentosan polysulfate sodium (PPS), is the only FDA-approved medication for treating a rare bladder disorder called interstitial cystitis. PPS was approved in 1996 and more than 1 million people are thought to have taken the medication over the last several decades.

“I’ve taken Elmiron and suffered eye damage. What are my options?”

If you’ve taken Elmiron and suffered serious eye damage, you may be entitled to compensation and be eligible to file an Elmiron claim or lawsuit. Our experienced Elmiron lawyers can help.

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