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Kiera Galvin-Fiero

Case Manager


How I help you:  As your case manager, it is my goal to make an unanticipated and challenging situation less stressful. First, it is a priority of mine for you to understand the situation you are in and the process of how it works. I will be responsible for the up keep of your file. Your file holds all vital documents that are needed throughout the case. I am responsible for the sharing of these files while abiding my state privacy laws and respecting your personal wishes. I will be an open line of communication when it comes to your treatment and status of your case between yourself and the attorney. I will also be responsible for a vast amount of communication between providers, insurance adjusters, valid lien holders, collection agencies that pertain to your case. I am there for you from the start to the end.

My background:  I attended high school, vocational school and my first two years of college in New Jersey. I attended OCTVS and completed a two year program for medical assisting. At the end of the course I realized that I did not wish to pursue medical assisting as a career and wished to stay in school. However, while studying for medical assisting I learned very important skills to make me successful in an office like setting that was focused on medical issues. I then attended Ocean County College and still study there today with intent to transfer to UNCW to get my master’s degree. My focus is social sciences. My previous occupations include a small medical office administrative employee and being a patient advocacy representative at the local emergency room!

What I like about working at Riddle and Brantley:  I enjoy working for Riddle and Brantley because I enjoy knowing that I am a part of making a rough and difficult time easier on someone. I hate seeing others suffer from actions that are a result because of another. In a selfish way I get satisfaction out of knowing that I made a positive difference and a helpful contribution involving your case. The atmosphere is friendly and up-lifting! Riddle and Brantley works as a team in a sense. I know I am working with a reliable, motivated and skilled team and that makes it even more rewarding.

What I like to do in my free time:  When I am not at work 95% of the time I am doing homework. The other 5% of the time I enjoy spending outdoors with my husband and two dogs. I enjoy playing sports, going kayaking and hiking, and gardening. I grew up in New Jersey and did not move to North Carolina until May of 2015 so I still find extreme joy in little day trips finding new adventures.