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Riddle & Brantley Attends Mass Torts Conference in Las Vegas

Dan Brian   |  April 23, 2018   |  

On April 11, 2018, Gene Riddle, Managing Partner, and Jonathan Smith, Vice President of Riddle & Brantley attended the annual Spring “Mass Torts Made Perfect” Conference. The conference is held twice a year in Las Vegas, Nevada and is designed to bring together more than 1000 participants (over 500 law firms) to discuss mass tort news.

The main topics discussed each year are prescription drugs, defective products, investment fraud, consumer fraud and business litigation. This year specifically, there was a strong focus on Hernia Mesh and Roundup cases.

For several years now, Gene and Jonathan have represented the firm at this event and have gained great insight from the topics discussed.

“It’s always good to talk with attorneys who are similar to us and share ideas of how to help clients who have been affected by a mass tort,” said Smith.

Attorney Gene Riddle stated that the biggest take away for him this year was the discussion on the continuous Roundup litigation. In the early 1980’s, studies showed a link between the commonly used herbicide called “Roundup” and several blood cancers such as lymphoma. Since then, thousands of cases have been brought forth connecting them together.

“We are taking these cases and encourage anyone who has been affected by Roundup to contact us”, said Riddle. “It’s the reason we attend this conference. To learn more about these types of mass tort cases so that we can better serve those who have been affected.”

Gene and Jonathan both plan to attend the conference in the Fall of this year.