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If you love spending time on the water, you know how relaxing and enjoyable it can be to explore Raleigh’s scenic lakes and rivers. But sometimes, things can go wrong, and a boat accident can turn your dream day into a nightmare. Whether a drunk boater, a defective product, or a careless operator injured you, you deserve justice and compensation for your losses.

That’s why you need Riddle & Brantley, the Raleigh boat accident lawyers who care. We have the experience and the resources to handle your case, from investigating the accident scene at Lake Johnson, Lake Wheeler, or Falls Lake to negotiating with the insurance companies to taking your case to court if necessary.

We will fight for your rights and your future while you focus on your recovery. Contact us today for a free consultation, and let us show you why we are the best choice for your boat accident claim.

Why Choose Our Raliegh Boat Accident Lawyers at Riddle & Brantley?

Choosing the right law firm can make all the difference in the outcome of your case, and our firm has stood out for those injured in North Carolina since 1985.

Our recent achievements underscore our firm’s capability to handle complex litigation and secure exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Our Raleigh office, strategically located at 4600 Marriott Drive, Suite 500, near the Crabtree Shopping Mall, for easy access and convenience, is part of our commitment to making ourselves readily available to our clients.

With 11 dedicated attorneys, supported by a comprehensive team of investigators, paralegals, case managers, and support staff, our firm is equipped to manage the most challenging cases. Collectively, our team boasts over 220 years of legal experience, having secured millions in compensation for our deserving clients.

Riddle & Brantley was founded on the fundamental belief that “Justice Counts for ALL,” a principle that has guided our efforts to achieve maximum compensation for injured North Carolinians.

Since 2000, we have proudly recovered over $720 million in total compensation for our clients, working on a contingency basis to ensure that you pay no attorney fees unless we win your case. See disclaimer below.

Our North Carolina personal injury attorneys are prepared to assist with a wide range of boat accident cases, from drunk boating accidents to defective products to wrongful death.

Our deep understanding of North Carolina law, combined with our experience in holding insurance companies and negligent parties accountable, positions us as a leading choice for legal representation. Our attorneys have been recognized with numerous awards and include three Board-Certified Specialists, highlighting their commitment to excellence. See disclaimer below.

For over 37 years, we have been serving the people of North Carolina, focusing on securing justice and compensation for victims of negligence. Our approach is holistic, handling every aspect of your case from initial investigation to trial, including negotiations with insurance companies, mediation, and arbitration. We strive to make the legal process as easy and stress-free as possible, offering consultations through a variety of convenient methods.

At our core, we believe in treating each client like family, fighting aggressively for your rights and the justice you deserve. If you’ve been injured in North Carolina, contact us today for a free, no-obligation case review. Let us show you how our dedication, experience, and proven track record can work for you.

What Compensation Is Available for Raleigh Boat Accidents?

Compensation may cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Our team works tirelessly to ensure that your claim accurately reflects the full extent of your losses, aiming for the best possible outcome in your case.

  • Medical expenses: This type of compensation covers the costs of any medical treatment you received as a result of the boat accident, such as hospital bills, surgery, medication, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. You should include receipts, invoices, and records of your medical expenses to support your claim.
  • Lost wages: This type of compensation covers the income you lost due to the boat accident, such as wages, tips, bonuses, commissions, and benefits. You should include pay stubs, tax returns, and letters from your employer to prove your lost wages. You may also be able to claim for future lost earning capacity if the boat accident affected your ability to work in the long term.
  • Pain and suffering: This type of compensation covers the physical and emotional distress you experienced as a result of the boat accident, such as pain, discomfort, anxiety, depression, and trauma. You should include evidence of your pain and suffering, such as medical records, photographs, journals, and testimonies from yourself and others who witnessed your condition.
  • Property damage: Property damage compensation covers the costs of repairing or replacing your property that was damaged or destroyed in the boat accident, such as your boat, vehicle, equipment, or personal belongings. You should include estimates, receipts, and photographs of your property damage to substantiate your claim.

Where Do Boat Accidents Occur in Raleigh?

Boat accidents in Raleigh often occur in popular areas like Falls Lake and Lake Wheeler. Unfortunate incidents due to overcrowding and inexperienced operators can strike at these beautiful but busy waters.

Our firm is familiar with the specific challenges and regulations of boating in these areas, which aids in building strong cases for our clients.

Our Practice Areas: Boat Accident Claims

Boating can be an enjoyable activity, but it also comes with risks that can lead to serious accidents and injuries.

At our law firm, we represent clients who have been involved in different types of boat accidents, providing legal guidance to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve. Here’s an overview of the types of accidents and injuries our attorneys are experienced in handling.

Types of Boat Accidents

Our legal team has experience in dealing with a range of boat accidents, including:

  • Collisions with Other Vessels or Stationary Objects: These accidents occur when a boat hits another boat or an object, such as a dock, buoy, or submerged rocks. Such collisions can result from operator inattention, inexperience, or impaired judgment.
  • Capsizing Due to Overcrowding or Poor Weather Conditions: Boats can capsize if they are overloaded or hit by sudden, severe weather. Capsizing is particularly dangerous as it can lead to passengers being thrown into the water, sometimes resulting in drowning or severe injuries.
  • Ejection from the Boat Due to High Speeds or Sudden Turns: High-speed boating or abrupt maneuvers can cause passengers to be thrown overboard, leading to injuries or fatalities, especially if safety measures like life jackets are not properly utilized.

Types of Injuries from Boat Accidents

The injuries resulting from boat accidents can be severe and life-threatening.

Our firm is skilled at handling cases involving:

    • Drowning or Near-Drowning Incidents: These are among the most serious outcomes of boat accidents. Victims who survive may face long-term health issues, including brain damage due to oxygen deprivation.
    • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI): TBIs can occur if a person hits their head during a collision or is thrown overboard. The impact can range from mild concussions to severe brain damage, affecting cognitive functions and quality of life.
  • Broken Bones and Lacerations: The force from a boat collision or being thrown against objects can cause broken bones, cuts, and other injuries. These injuries can require extensive medical treatment and lead to significant pain, suffering, and financial burden.

Our attorneys understand the complexities of boat accident claims, including the investigation of the accident, determination of liability, and assessment of damages. We are committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive legal representation to help our clients with confidence and support after a boat accident.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a boat accident, contact us for a free consultation to discuss your case and how we can help.

Fighting the Insurance Company After a Boat Accident

Receiving a payout after a boat accident is especially important when facing insurance companies that are motivated to protect their bottom lines. These companies use different strategies to minimize or outright deny claims, making it important to have a knowledgeable and experienced legal team on your side.

Understanding these tactics can help underscore the importance of legal representation in these situations.

Delay Tactics

One common strategy used by insurance companies is to delay the claims process. This can be done by requesting unnecessary documentation, taking an extended time to review the claim, or failing to respond promptly to inquiries. These delays can be frustrating and financially straining for accident victims, pushing them towards accepting lower settlements out of desperation.

Disputing Liability

Insurance companies often dispute liability in boat accident cases. They may argue that the policyholder was not at fault or that other factors contributed to the accident. By casting doubt on liability, insurers aim to reduce their financial responsibility for the claim. Our attorneys are skilled in gathering and presenting evidence that clearly establishes liability, countering these attempts to shift blame.

Undermining the Severity of Injuries

Another tactic involves undermining the severity of the victim’s injuries. Insurers may claim that injuries are not as severe as stated or were pre-existing conditions unrelated to the boat accident. They might also request independent medical examinations by doctors of their choosing, who may have a bias towards minimizing the extent of injuries.

Our legal team is experienced at challenging such assertions, ensuring that the true impact of your injuries is recognized and adequately compensated.

Offering Quick, Lowball Settlements

Insurance companies often offer quick settlements that are far lower than what the claim is truly worth. This approach preys on victims’ immediate need for financial support, hoping they accept without understanding the full scope of their damages or consulting a lawyer.

Our attorneys can accurately assess the value of your claim, including current and future medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, to negotiate settlements that truly reflect the damages incurred.

Misrepresenting Policy Terms

Insurers might also attempt to misinterpret or misrepresent the terms of their policies to avoid paying claims. This can involve claiming that certain damages are not covered under the policy or that policyholders have not met all conditions for coverage.

Our legal team thoroughly understands insurance policies and can counter these misrepresentations, ensuring that insurers uphold their contractual obligations.

Surveillance and Social Media Monitoring

In some cases, insurance companies resort to surveillance or monitoring social media accounts to find evidence that can be used to dispute claims. They look for photos, videos, or posts that suggest the victim’s injuries are not as severe as claimed.

Our firm advises clients on using social media and protecting their claims from such invasive scrutiny.

Facing these tactics without experienced legal representation can be overwhelming and detrimental to the outcome of your claim. Our attorneys are well-versed in countering the strategies employed by insurance companies and are dedicated to protecting your rights and securing the compensation you deserve.

With our firm by your side, you can confidently handle the claims process, knowing that your case is being handled with the diligence it warrants.

What to Do After a Boat Accident in Raleigh?

If you’ve been involved in a boat accident, follow through with your medical treatment plans and keep detailed records of all expenses related to the accident.

Documenting your recovery process, obtaining a copy of the police report, and keeping a journal of your experiences are important steps. Bringing this information to our law firm will strengthen your case, allowing us to advocate effectively on your behalf.

Let Riddle & Brantley Guide You Through Your Boat Accident

At Riddle & Brantley, we understand the challenges and uncertainties that follow a boat accident. Our commitment to you goes beyond legal representation; we are here to provide support, guidance, and compassionate care tailored to your unique situation.

With our experienced team by your side, you can resolve your boat accident with confidence and security.

Don’t face this journey alone. Let Riddle & Brantley be your guide and support system. Contact our Experienced Personal injury lawyer in Raleigh today at (919) 876-3020 for your free consultation, and let us show you how our dedication, experience, and compassionate approach can make a difference in your life.

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