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$159,000 Workers’ Compensation Settlement

$159K   |  Workers’ Compensation   |  February 19, 2015

Settlement: $159,000

Attorneys: Gene Riddle and Christopher Brantley

Worker died from the injuries he sustained when he was crushed by a tree that fell on him at a logging site in the mountains of North Carolina.  The family of the deceased worker hired Riddle & Brantley to pursue the workers’ compensation death benefits for the family. North Carolina workers’ comp lawyers Gene Riddle and Chris Brantley met with members of the Mine and Safety Organization to review safety violations by the employer.  As a result of these safety violations, we received a 10% penalty on top of the weekly death benefits provided under the Workers’ Compensation Act.  Rather than collect these weekly benefits over time, we negotiated a lump sum settlement for $159,000 which represented the total amount of benefits with no reduction for present value.


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