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Auto Accident – $625,000

$625K   |  Auto Accident   |  November 6, 2023

Settlement: $625,000

Attorney: Adam Smith

Our client was walking near his home when he witnessed two vehicles in the road, and an ambulance and fire truck.  It appeared to him to be the aftermath of a collision, so he walked over to see if he could help.  As he did so, the ambulance pulled away from the collision and struck him in the head with its mirror. Another ambulance was dispatched to the scene.  The police and ambulance reports noted that our client smelled of alcohol, and was “in the middle of the road.”  The claim was initially denied on the grounds of contributory negligence, sudden emergency, and sovereign immunity. Our client suffered injuries including fractures to his ribs, spine, elbow, and wrist. We argued that the driver of the ambulance left the scene at an unnecessary and excessive speed to have struck our client with such force to cause these serious injuries. We also argued that any contributory negligence would be negated by the doctrine of last clear chance. After significant negotiations, we were able to resolve the claim pre-suit for $625,000.