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Are Opioid Painkillers Too Addictive to Be Prescribed to Treat Chronic Pain?

September 8, 2017   |  
Addiction to opioid painkillers has become a nationwide problem. Opioids are meant as a short-term solution to help people treat the pain associated with severe injuries and health conditions. However, more and more, doctors are prescribing opioids to treat chronic pain, which appears to be contributing to the growing opioid...
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Why Are Drugs Still Being Prescribed Even Though They Lost in Court?

March 29, 2016   |  
Prescription drugs are designed to help people get better, or manage the symptoms of their illness or condition. While many prescription drugs do exactly this, some prescription drugs are downright dangerous. There have been hundreds of lawsuits filed against prescription drug manufacturers, most of which assert that patients experienced adverse conditions due to the...
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