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Will a New Taillight Law Help Improve Cyclist Safety in North Carolina?

Dan Brian   |  November 25, 2016   |  

bicyclistsIn the past few weeks, we have blogged about the tragic death of a cyclist after a collision with a Chevy pickup truck and a hit-and-run cycling accident that left bicyclist with catastrophic injuries. It’s clear that changes need to made to improve cyclist safety on the roads in our state, and a new law may be the first step to making that a reality. On December 1, bicyclists riding their bikes at night will be required to either have a taillight on their bicycle or wear reflective clothes. Under current law, when riding at night, cyclists are only required to use a white headlight.

How Could the New Taillight Law Improve Safety for Cyclists?

With it getting dark earlier now, motorists find it more difficult to see cyclists at night, highlighting the issue that the new law is seeking to address. Adding a taillight to bicycles and/or reflective clothing to cyclists will improve their visibility to motorists, which should help prevent cycling accidents that otherwise might have occurred.

As December 1st approaches, promotions concerning the law change are ramping up, including:

  • City employees taking extra time to make sure cyclists are informed about the law change
  • A few local running and bike shops offering 15 percent discounts on reflective clothing and bicycle lights

We applaud this new law and hope that more changes are on the way that will greatly improve cyclist safety in Raleigh and throughout North Carolina.

What are some other changes you think lawmakers should make to improve safety for bicyclists in North Carolina? Tell us about your ideas in comment section below or on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages.