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Don’t Get Bitten By Road Gators

LeeAnn Riddle   |  September 10, 2018   |  

Many truck companies retread their expensive tires to get more use out of them. This means they remove the worn tread and apply an entirely new tread to the tire’s casing. Some companies use cement to attach the new tread, while others use a molding and curing process for retreading. These strips of tire treads look like the back of an alligator. This is where the name “road gator” originated.

The replacement treads are generally safe and common in the industry. However, these treads can separate from the casing, leaving a potentially dangerous strip of tire in the road. Many times, road gators are found on highways where the speed limit may be as high as 75 miles per hour. If an unsuspecting motorist strikes one, it could cause a serious car accident.

How to Avoid “Road Gators”

According to vehicle safety experts, the summer months are an especially dangerous time for retreaded tires, as extreme heat and temperature fluctuations can cause changes and shifting in the tire and adhesive used to hold the new tread in place. This may result in road gators.

Below are a few safety tips to keep in mind when trying to avoid road gators.

  • Scan the road ahead of your vehicle while driving. It is usually easy to spot a large strip of tread in the road.
  • Never try to swerve around a piece of tire tread in the road. Always slow down and check to make sure the lane next to you is clear. If you have clearance, navigate around it.
  • If you see a tractor-trailer on the side of the road, stay alert for strips of tire. Many times, the truck is stopped for tire maintenance, so be aware of tire tread lying in the road around the stopped truck.
  • If you see a rash of brake lights and swerving cars ahead of you, slow down and keep calm. They could be trying to avoid tire tread in the roadway.
  • Should you hit a “road gator”, don’t panic. Slow down and keep control of your vehicle.

The shoulder of the road can be your friend and usually offers adequate traction. If you need to navigate around a tire tread, move onto the shoulder safely while maintaining control of your vehicle. Be cautious; however, for old “road gators” tend to live on the shoulder of highways.

What If I am Injured in a Truck Accident?

While there are several ways to avoid “road gators”, accidents can still occur. If you or a loved one are hit by a tractor-trailer or debris left behind by a truck, it’s important that you speak with an attorney as quickly as possible. There is often critical evidence that needs to be gathered as well as witnesses to interview that could help your case.

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