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Blind Spot Accidents in North Carolina

Auto Accident Lawyer Explains Avoiding Blind Spot Crashes

Blind spot accident attorneysAll vehicles still have blind spots, which can cause deadly car accidents if the driver is not alert and conscientious. Many drivers who cause crashes may claim they never saw the other car. If that car was in the driver’s blind spot, this may be true. However, this is not an excuse for causing a car crash and does not absolve the at-fault driver from liability.

At Riddle & Brantley, our North Carolina car accident attorneys have experience standing up to insurance companies who may try to blame you, the victim, for blind spot accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident that was not your fault, you deserve compensation for your losses and damages – even if the other driver claims a blind spot is to blame. This compensation may include medical expenses, lost wages, property damages, and funeral expenses. If you need an auto accident lawyer in North Carolina, trust a law firm with a reputation for securing successful verdicts and settlements in car crash cases.

What Are Blind Spots?

Blind spots are the areas surrounding a vehicle which the driver of the vehicle cannot see. Rear-view and side mirrors help drivers see certain angles around their car, but all vehicles still have blind spots. These are known to cause many car accidents across our North Carolina roadways and beyond.

In most cases, blind spots are located over the right and left shoulder of the driver. However, they can also be caused by the pillars connecting the roof to the body of the vehicle. In addition, passengers or objects in the vehicle can obscure a driver’s vision as well.

Safe driving habits include taking blind spots into account when turning, merging or backing up. However, negligent or complacent drivers may fail or forget to check blind spots. The result can be a car crash that causes serious personal injuries or even wrongful death.

Types of Blind Spot Accidents

Oftentimes, blind spot accidents occur when a driver tries to change lanes but does not notice another car traveling beside and partially behind. As a result, the driver will collide with the other car or force it off the road. This can sometimes happen even when a driver makes an attempt to look for other cars before changing lanes.

Some additional types of blind spots accidents include:

As with any car accident claim, the severity of the crash depends on the speed and location of the impact. However, since blind spot collisions typically happen at full speed, the resulting car accident injuries are often severe.

How to Prevent Blind Spot Accidents

There are several easy steps you can take to prevent blind spot accidents. Most importantly, by practicing defensive driving habits, and obeying all traffic laws, individuals may be able to prevent any type of accident from occurring. Additionally, some other ways to prevent these kinds of car accidents include:

Adjusting Side Mirrors – By properly adjusting your side mirrors, you may be able to completely erase your blind spots. You can do this by leaning as far to the right as possible, then adjusting your right mirror so you can barely see the body of your vehicle. Next lean to the left side of your vehicle and adjust that mirror so it is barely visible as well. This will widen your range of vision and give you higher visibility.

Blind Spot Mirrors – You can place blind spot mirrors on the side mirrors in order to allow for an increased visibility, which may eliminate blind spots. Most auto part stores across the state of North Carolina carry these types of mirrors.

Convex Mirrors – You can replace your normal mirrors with convex mirrors in order to increase the driver’s visibility.

Slowing Speed – By slowing your speed and driving the speed limit, drivers are able to respond better to sudden hazards and avoid car accidents as the result of a blind spot.

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